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Anniversary On the Beach




Welcome from both of us!

I love sailing, hiking, personal motivation, business, and sharing what I love with others!
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To A Beautiful Marriage:

 "Here are some things we've learned from 29 years of marriage:

"...when you say you love someone, in the back of their mind they are wondering
when and how you will break your word. 

The longer you keep your word and the stronger your relationship gets,
the more you destroy that subconscious doubt.

I don't know if you can ever really destroy that doubt completely but you can sure
put it behind so many walls that a person can almost forget!

Things naturally deteriorate in a marriage -
unless you have a passion to work at it and make it beautiful.

Marriage takes work but it first of all takes a desire for change.
Without some form of desire, you won't work at it. If you have lost your desire for your spouse, 
then let your desire in God's love and goodness spur you on. 

But in order for that to happen, there has to be some recognition and thankfulness
that God has given you everything good (including your spouse) and that
God should be the ultimate receiver of our love and adoration...."


Pics from our 27th wedding anniversary
in Oxnard CA: 


Our lovely hotel in Oxnard, right on the beach.

Our room overlooked the ocean!

Large sand dunes were to the North and South of our hotel!

Afterglow over the ocean. 

The Channel Islands just off the coast, could be seen.




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